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Our Team

Structured Finance

Amer K. Sadiq

Executive Vice President, Structured Finance

Bader Al Abbasi

 Vice President

Structured Finance services

LMC's structured finance services provide an end-to-end solution tailored to meet the needs of our clients in the regional market place. Comprising services offered include the following:
Debt Raising: LMC has extensive experience in the arrangement, structuring, issuance, marketing and post-issuance administration of Syndications & tradable Islamic Capital Markets instruments such as Sukuk. The approach centres on structuring attractive transactions across the various industry sectors, in partnership with Clients and peer Financial Institutions.
The key roles offered are comprised of:

  • Sole Mandated Arranger; Co-Arranger,
  • Structuring Advisor,
  • Sharia' Advisor,
  • Documentation Agent,
  • Placement Agent and Bookrunner, and
  • Support Roles (Administration Agent, Trustee, Custodian, Registrar, etc.)
  • Restructuring Agency & Advisory Services

Restructuring Agency & Advisory Services: In recent times LMC has further developed its offering services benefiting from its extensive experience and its excellent relationship with peer Financial Institutions. LMC has extensively worked on the restructuring of numerous Syndications & Islamic Debt Capital Markets instruments helping its Clients enduring the global financial turmoil, adapting to the current economical environment and enhancing their financial positions. LMC has noticeably been successful in improving the Clients' abilities to meet their obligations, while bearing in mind the Clients' futuristic Business requirements.  
Private Equity Raising: conducts and coordinates with its client the modelling of transactions, identifying and resolving prospective legal and corporate issues arising from the equity offering, prepares offering documentation and presentation materials, articulates all placement related activities, and conducts the offering process. Throughout, LMC is solely focussed on ensuring the successful completion of the equity raising transaction.

Advisory Services

These services revolve around the provision of analysis and advice to clients in relation to their business development activities. The principal objective is to develop and evaluate strategic plans which meet the client's needs. Additionally, LMC actively focuses in ensuring that its clients optimize their capital structures with a view to facilitating access to new and efficient sources of equity and other forms of Islamic compliant transactions.

Treasury and Capital Markets

A.Aziz A.Qader

 Vice President

 Mohamed A. Zainal

Assistant Manager

Treasury and Capital Markets Department:

Treasury and Capital Markets team at Liquidity Management Centre B.S.C. (c) ("LMC") provides its clients, attractive and diversified Sharia'a compliant solutions in order to optimize their returns.  The team also manages proprietary investments across Treasury and Capital Markets for LMC. Principal products include Murabaha, Mudaraba and Wakala deposits, commodities, and spot foreign exchange in regional and international currencies.

Investment products for Treasury & Capital Markets include:

  • Sukuk & Equities; and
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Liquidity Management;
  • Foreign exchange;
Structured Products:

The Bank has pioneered the structure of its short-term Investment program (Short Term Sukuk) fully backed by Sharia'a Compliant Sukuk with various tenors (short to medium) and various obligors managed by LMC and offered to F.Is, Corps and sophisticated investors as short term investment 1 month to 1 year terms with more attractive rates than the average returns offered by FIs on Wakalat & Murabahat.  The Short Term Sukuk Program is the first such repackaged Sukuk product to be offered into the Islamic banking market.
Investment Department:

The primary objective of the department is to source diversified Sharia'a compliant investment opportunities which offers different level of risks and achieve maximum return for the Bank and investors.

Sukuk & Fund Administration

Hussain A. Marhoon

Manager, Sukuk & Fund Administration

Sukuk and Fund Administration Department at Liquidity Management Centre B.S.C. (c) ("LMC") provides various Sukuk Post Issuance Administration services such as Issuer Trustee Services, Transaction Administration, Registrar Services, Documentation Agency Services, Custody Services, Security Agency Services, Sukuk Operations Services and last but not least Investor Reporting.

Below is brief of services carried out by Sukuk and Fund Administration Department:

  • Issuer Trustee Services (Services include ensuring that Special Purpose Vehicles incorporated in a suitable jurisdiction for the issuance of the Sukuk, Trustee holding the Issue’s Assets during the Sukuk tenor for the benefit of the Sukukholders, Liaising between the Obligor and the investors of the facility to smooth the flow of information, Transaction compliance monitoring either directly or indirectly through the Transaction Administrator (e.g. facility covenants), Distributing periodic reports, notifications and instructions)
  • Transaction Administration (Transaction Administrator act as administrator, manager and operator of the Issuer and provides all necessary office facilities, equipment, general administrative services, general office management and personnel to enable the Issuer to comply with its obligations plus it produces and provides the Issuer with all financial statements and information relating to the Sukuk or to the administration of the Issuer generally, or to any person entitled to such information under the Transaction Documents, or to any government or regulatory authority having jurisdiction over the Issuer. Transaction Administration duties also includes receiving, authorising and/or arranging for the payments, investing or depositing of all monies and securities received by it on behalf of the Issuer, opening of accounts on behalf of the Issuer with financial institutions approved by the Issuer. It also maintain all commercial registrations required for the Issuer and coordination with the various facility agents and regulators (e.g. Issuer, Paying Agent, Trustee, Regulatory authority), Reviewing periodic reports to monitor future payments and minimize delinquencies)
  • Registrar Services (Includes clearing and settlement, maintaining records of investors list registered under the Issue, issuing Sukuk and Trust certificates for the investors, managing the transfer of ownership of registered securities from one investor to another and replacement of Certificates)
  • Custody Services (Responsible for safeguarding of the following Issue documents: Transaction Documents, SPV’s Incorporation Documents (e.g. AoA & MoA), and Security Documents (e.g. title deeds, mortgage deeds & guarantee deeds)
  • Sub-custody Services (Responsible for Safekeeping assets for facility investors, Asset servicing such as Corporate Actions Notification & Processing and Proxy Voting, and Investor Reporting)
  • Security Agency Services (Act as trustee with respect the Security properties, and hold certain documents in safe custody on the behest of the Security Issuer)
  • Sukuk Operations (Process coupon payments, redemption payments, agency fees payments, and provide periodic balance confirmations to investors)
  • Investor Reporting (Provide periodic financial statements, valuation reports, projects updates, and respond to investors queries)

Financial Controls

Hussain Merza

Senior Vice President

Financial Controls Department is handling all the activities affecting the bank’s financial position and the key performance indicators.

These activities can be summarized as follows:

  • GL Maintenance: Insure the all transactions of the bank have been properly and accurately reflected in the banks GL. Also, Financial Controls Department is responsible of insuring that all transaction treated according to the International financial Reporting Standards and The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions.
  • Regulatory Management Reporting: Provide all level of management with the required report in or order to facilitate the process of decision making. Such process is depending on the transactions reflected on the GL. Some reports prepared on periodic basis and others are prepared as required. Financial Controls Department shall be always equipped to satisfy the management with any report required. Also, Financial Controls Department is responsible for providing the regulatory entities with the periodic reports.
  • Budgeting: Prepare the budget in accordance with the latest market updates and the management inputs for the year forward. This section also covers the expense allocation against budgets and performance monitoring and reporting against approved budgets.

Credit & Risk Management 

Leena Sharif

 Vice President


The Credit Department aims to consolidate a strong and unified credit culture within LMC by providing a common framework of policies and guidelines relating to the key areas of credit processes (including investments) i.e., origination, execution, approval, maintenance and operations.  


The risk management department aims to establish a strong risk management culture within LMC by providing a framework of policies and guidelines that are associated with the activities of the Bank. These policies outline the risk management control framework that allows the Bank to identify, assess, monitor, manage, mitigate and control exposure to all major risks inherent in its activities. The Risk Management Department is responsible for enterprise risk of the Bank.


The Compliance Department in LMC is managing the Bank's "Compliance Risk" which is defined as the risk of legal or regulatory sanctions, material financial loss, or loss reputation the Bank may suffer as a result of its failure to comply with laws, regulations, rules, related self-regulatory organization standards, and codes of conduct applicable to its banking activities. The Department also adopts leading industry best practices and emerging regulatory compliance, which aim towards establishing an effective management of the above said responsibilities.

Legal Counsel

Nadia Jabur

 Vice President